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5 Common Mistakes That Lead To Hair Loss

Hair loss is something that almost everyone has faced, especially the younger generation. In this day and age, it is very common for everyone to be stressed, overworked, and ignorant since they probably don’t have enough time to take care of themselves. Although we generally associate hair loss with the elderly, that does not mean that you are ageing; hair loss can be caused by many different aspects, it is always the little things.

We make several common mistakes in our daily life and some of those hair fall reasons are listed below.

1. Keeping Long Hair

Long hair can be a major cause of hair loss. We often find people who have long hair to be suffering from hair loss or thin hair. You probably think that keeping long hair disguises thinning hair but that is not the case. People with shorter hair can be seen disguising their problem better because keeping longer hair can reduce the volume of the hair making it look flat and lacking. However, if you cut your hair short then the volume covers up the issue.

Keeping long hair can also become a problem because of its weight. As the hair grows longer, it gains a weight of its own; due to the weight of the hair, the strands are likely to feel the strain more and can cause breakage. Additionally, longer hair is prone to be tied up with accessories like rubber bands and hair clips. These can pull on your hair strands or get stuck in the hair leading to hair fall.

2. Poor Diet

Our generation does not have time for a balanced diet and that can lead to hair fall. Eating a proper breakfast, lunch, and dinner is very important for everyone, but nowadays people tend to skip out on their meals due to work or other scenarios.

Just like the other parts of our body, hair also needs proper nutrition for growth and sustenance. Our diet has a huge impact on the health of our hair; Try re-evaluating your diet to find out what you are missing out on. Hair is made out of proteins and other nutrients, if you are not taking care of your diet it might become a problem. Iron and vitamin B deficiency generally causes hair loss.

Lack of hydration can also be a cause of hair loss. Doctors recommend drinking plenty of water throughout the day since it replenishes your system and can also impact your hair. Proper hydration is very important to maintain healthy hair.

3. Usage of Wrong Products

When you face hair fall, you immediately start searching how to stop hair fall and start buying different kinds of hair products to cover it up; that doesn’t mean your shopping spree was beneficial.

Hair gels are a big reason for hair fall. In an attempt to hide your hair fall, you probably may have used a lot of gel on your head; but, items such as hair gel and hair wax cause more harm than good. These products made from harsh chemicals take away all the natural moisture of the hair in an attempt to set it leading to breakage and hair fall.

Choosing the wrong shampoo can also cause hair fall, make sure you buy shampoo according to your hair type. Shampoo that contains sulfates can harm the scalp by removing all-natural oils and moisture from your hair.

4. Unhealthy Scalp

Keeping your scalp healthy is a very important thing which you should never overlook. An unhealthy scalp can lead to several issues and may even enhance into something much more problematic.

Dandruff is the leading cause of hair fall. Dandruff can be flakey or oily and is fungal growth on your scalp. It is very hard to get rid of and can be found on almost everyone’s scalp. But it becomes a problem when you start visibly noticing dandruff, which happens when you don’t take proper care of your hair. Dandruff weakens the hair roots and causes hair fall. Washing your hair with anti-dandruff lotion or shampoo can help to get rid of it.

Not only dandruff, but unhealthy hair can also be the host to several different scalp diseases. There can be an underlying infection or a dermatological problem and ignoring such things will only make your condition worse. This can also happen to people who tie their wet hair all the time. Wet hair needs time to dry or the humid environment can start to birth many bacterias and fungal infections on your scalp.

5. Washing and Drying

As simple as it may sound, washing and drying are not done properly by everyone. Just a few simple things can lead to hair fall. Many people wash their hair daily, and you must think that it’s not wrong. But unfortunately washing your hair every day can cause hair fall since with every wash the natural oils of the hair are also washed out which leaves the hair dry and weak making it prone to breakage.

Using a blow dryer can also be a problem due to its heat. Blow dryers emit hot air which can damage your hair further if it is used directly on the hair without heat protection spray or serum.

Also, after taking a shower you should not rub your hair dry. Wet hair is prone to break more easily since a wet scalp has a weak grip on the strands of hair. Thus, when you rub the towel harshly it can cause breakage and even split ends; It is also recommended to use a cotton cloth instead of a fluffy towel as the cotton is smoother and less harsh on the hair strands.

Hairfall can be very difficult to deal with since there are so many reasons for hair fall. However, with just a little effort you can easily learn how to control hair fall. Along with the above tips, you can also try applying Extra Virgin Coconut Oil on your hair to give it more protein and an extra shine. Additionally, you can apply Sweet Neem Hair Growth Oil to stimulate hair growth.

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