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What Our Customers Say


This coconut oil unlike a lot of other brands has a very mellow aroma and isn't overpowering, making it a great choice for most curries and dry sabjis. It's my preferred shallow-fry oil considering coconut oil works well at high temperatures unlike most other cooking oils that release free radicals. Considering the wide-range of benefits virgin coconut oil has sans any additives/ artificial fragrance, it is also a great choice to moisturize extremely dry skin, such as mine.

Shilpa Jindal

Love the fact that Coconutty’s coconut oil is made from pure coconut milk and how its taste and aroma are so mild and not overpowering at all. As a health coach, I always suggest using unrefined oils in your everyday cooking and nourish your body with the goodness of healthy fats. After many months of me using and being completely satisfied with their high-quality coconut oil, now my friends, family and clients are happily switching to this from their regular oils. Highly recommend it..!!

Aman Bharthi

Have been using Sweet Neem Hair Oil for the past six weeks. It Is - 100% natural, sulphate-paraben free, with the goodness of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Sweet Neem Leaves, Vetiver Roots, Amla & Lavender Extracts all known to help hair growth. It effectively stopped my hair fall, reduced hair breakage & promoted new hair growth. It is a high-quality affordable product. I strongly recommend it.

Shreya Shruthi

The best coconut powder one can have. It's 100% natural with original flavour definitely worth buying. I made coconut ladoos with the powder, trust me it was the best ever...My mom became a fan of this product after she ate coconut ladoos.


Every sunday I have an intensive hair spa routine which is incomplete without Coconutty’s extra virgin coconut oil. Truly a must-have superfood for all your skin, hair and cooking needs!

Bhawna Jain

I came across Coconutty through social ads and tried their coconut powder and extra virgin coconut oil. Both the products were just amazing, so natural and the quality , texture everything was so good. These are my go to products now without any option. 

Simran Ladhani

I came across Coconutty through an ad on Instagram and tried their sweet neem hair oil ... the oil worked wonders for my hair, it helped stop my hair fall with the first use. You can also try their products for yourself and experience the change.

Ria Garia

This sweet neem hair oil does wonders to your hair. I have never fell in love with a hair oil before. This is not your regular coconut oil. It has the perfect mix of so many wonderful things. Its beautiful lavender fragrance totally releases your stress. It is totally worth it. Good job🙏😊

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